28 iulie 2014

The new geopolitics of oil-richness in a Cretan beach resort

It is my first time in three years in a Greek all inclusive resort. It might be related to the place, but the striking difference is that the (wealthy) Russian tourists managed to counterbalance the influence of the German and British throngs of tourists. One can easily see it in the songs they play during the minidisco, and in the noisy presence of the Easterners, which are much more visible despite the Germans and British seeming more numerous.

(Romanians and Poles never played a role in the upper price market, there is almost no Dutch, the Belgians and Swiss are too lovely tolerant, while French, Italians and Spaniards are incredibly quiet in this resort)

(No, my amazing, lovely, but blasé, almost-teenager daughter decided not to go to the miniclub. "It's for another age", she told me. A little bit too much social change in my life, isn't it?)

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ggrosseck spunea...

Subscribe entirely to your opinion. Almost 7 years ago we went to Kemer, in Turkey - a completely Russian all inclusive resort (at that time we were only 3 Romanian families in the hotel).
Saying "Da" to my daughter was a social disaster in the market - when I heard after 4 days a French sentence on the beach I considered myself lucky - after all I wasn't an alien :(

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