27 martie 2008

Topics for the future campaign for (national) elections: 3. Dust and Wind

Wind and Dust

At the first sight, this is more likely to be appropriate as a campaign subject for the local elections, but, since it affects almost all Romanian localities, it deserves to be a matter of national debate.

First. A recent observation

Few days ago, I have visited a car was, 150 meters from our apartment. They’ve cleaned my car, making it to shine. I’ve left and I parked in front of the block were we live. A thin layer of dust was already present on the newly washed car!!! Its shine lasted for only 30 seconds, and it was not the car washers to blame for.

Second. Not far in the past

I remember a day in Frankfurt, near the downtown, where they were demolishing a building. It was summer and the firemen where splashing water on, in order to avoid dust spreading.

Third. A memory from the past

A Chinese guy asked me once,when we accidentally met, 11 years ago, in the USA:

“Do you have dust [in Romania]?”

I said that we have.

“We have too”, he answered, “but they [the Americans] have not. You know why? They do not have soil!”

This is true. This is the difference that the advanced societies make. They, as well as the primitive collectivities, barely know what dust is, and have lesser and lesser soil. They have grass and plants all over the place where nothing is built on.

This is the basic question: Why we have to have soil? Why all the time when the wind is blowing, I have to literally swallow some dust?

This is a matter of afforestation (forests around the built-in places stop the wind to enter the city), of green spaces, and of imposing adequate requirements for the construction works.

A matter of wind and dust.

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