Saturday ... Tropical Salsa :)

I had two little mangos. And I had my mind set for a tropical salsa.

So I chopped the avocado, I have finely cut the jalapeno, the coriander, and the bell pepper, I have added salt and piper, … and I have discovered that the mangos are spoiled!!!

With the salsa tropical in my mind and an increasing hunger, I went to the shop, I both various staff and TWO BIG, NICE LOOKING MANGOS. The cashier took everything, passed through the codereader, gave me the products, I was putting everything in the bag and … she stopped and asked: do you wait for this two? And pointed towards my mangos!! The barcode was not in the system. The girl left, went to the self, and came back 5 minutes later: “are you sure you wanna wait?”

I was sure, and my mixture of avocado and coriander was waiting on the table, at home… 10 more minutes I kept waiting. Some almond nuts went to my stomach. I’ve got home. Now I have the mixture in the fridge, and after 30 minutes, while the tastes are nicely blending, I will have my tropical salsa.

On the other hand … I have a large mango in the fridge, and there is still some coriander left. Should I buy some avocado? ;)


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