People: Take #1. Questions

There are people and people. Humans, I mean.

Sometimes, there is no chemistry with one person. Or there is no chemistry left. It simply does not work. Fear, bad timing, not in the mood, friends, chores, family, motives … Basically fear and genes, in my experience :) Beside the personal feeling, a sort of defining encounter, is lack of chemistry really changing one’s way? Is this changing what that person is, how one’s actions were, how she or he is generally seen by the relevant other?

Sometimes, a beloved one turns one’s back. Is this changing the past? Does it change the personal interpretation of the previous relation? Is the departure changing one's internal beauty?

Sometimes, a beloved one hurts you repeatedly. Instinctively or not, both of you put some distance in between. Hurting continues. Do you reciprocate? Or do you ask yourself if one actually has a major problem, and you start searching for helping that person?

Is there a “correct” answer to these interrogations? A true truth?

Answers are coming, contradictory, stressing alternative perspectives. And choices.

You select the positive explanations. The optimist ones. Chemistry may matter or not. One will enjoy anyway a lovely person, if the case. Past remains probably unaltered; future is the one that matters. And caring means more than merely accepting the bright side of a relationship.

Then you smile. World continues to be wonderful. Despite fears and misunderstandings. Because people are wonderful anyway. As you like it.


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