20 februarie 2017

Life. Take #2

Sometimes navigating through life becomes a difficult endeavor. You add a step in one direction, make a step towards another aim. Then you stop and start asking if this is the wrong path. Whether you turned the right wheel. If getting out of your self-imposed comfort zone is what you actually want. Whether you aren't happy enough with what you already have.

Wheels are colorful 

You remember your dreams. As a little girl, you learned about Prince Charming, and how he will make your life beautiful. Or you imagined yourself as Manic Pixie Dream Girl, magically turning everything right, after kicking-out the bad guys. As a little boy, you imagined yourself as Prince Charming, defeating all enemies and getting through that long list of challenges. But you discover yourself bored and tired to fight all these battles. Preserving what you already have might be more appealing than trying again to be a brave girl or boy.

You are tempted to avoid decision, to find reasons not to looking into the fountain of magic goodies.

München, Marienplatz

Your start to justify yourself in front of others. Would the search for justifications meaning that you have doubts? Or is it meaning that you actually care about others, and simply don´t want them to suffer of your decision? Is your decision directed to follow your own path or to give up to what they found once as important? Were there your responsibilities to trigger your final choice? Was your family? Friends? Is your own state of well-being the one who came first? Is your choice even final?

You end up deciding to follow your heart, and to forget the reasoning. And probably this is best. You smile, feel the warmth in people around you, shoot another scene, or maybe the same scene.

After all, life is not complicated anymore. Choices? Feelings? Take 2. Same actors. Always different. Or mere combinatorics 😉

♫ Life's a long song 🎸♫

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