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Zeus şi ... dragostea :)

Discuţie auzită pe stradă, intre patru adolescenţi, toţi băieţi, cam la 14-15 ani, probabil in clasa a IX-a: - Zeus era curvar… - Ei! - Nu era, mă! - Adică pe vremea aia era legal.

The pseudomodern Western and Eastern academic sociologists

Probably most of the people in the academic area know David Lodge’s famous trilogy inspired from academic life ("Changing Places", "Small World", "Nice Work"). Attending conferences is part of the triptych action, and the author uses such events to make his heroes experience hilarious adventures. Well, nowadays enrolling to conferences might let you experience extremely different feelings about human behaviour, honesty, rule of law. Some may remember that enforcing “rule of law” instead of the discretionary power of the leader is part of the modernization process. That is that there is a set of widely recognized rules, and everyone obeys those rules, with no exceptions. Two conference-related stories, that I narrate bellow, shows out that the academic world is sometimes far from the path to modernity and to the happy atmosphere described by Lodge. The first event is international. Some weeks ago, I have applied to participate in a session of one soc