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Double morality

For long communist decades, Romanians learned to say what the Party wanted them to say, and did what they though is "good" to be done. Katherine Verdery explained the mechanism in an excellent book published 20 years ago. Alena Ledeneva depicted a similar set-up in the Russian society, and named it "double morality". What struck me yesterday was the perpetuation of such practice. Water and Water Defitively alike! On one hand , there was this guy, a young apparently socialist politician , head of a self-made IT imperium, accused to heavily corrupt Government officials. More exactly: most of his money seems to come from arranged contracts with the state. He is under investigation by various judicial bodies, apparently being on the verge to be re-imprisoned. In this context, I watched some public declarations that he gave in a parking. The ladies-reporter to ask questions seemed to enjoy his opening misogynistic statements, meant to create some bonding with