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Atât de multe lucruri te pot schimba în opt ani. Partide, guverne, echipe de fotbal, recesiuni, vieți. Oameni. Buni, răi, nu contează. Viețile se întrepătrund, minuscule, iar lumea merge Înainte. Sau Înapoi, depinde de perspectivă. Nici măcar perspectiva nu contează. Privită de sus lumea este mereu la fel. Cu sau fără o viață.

Her (aka And I Miss Her)

I missed her. After so many words between us … she did not show. I went through the alleys with her sight in my heart, crossing the green, almost floating, like a fluffy cloud pushed by the wind, like a whiff through the hair of so many kisses. It´s summer, the park is vivid all night long. A bunch of teenagers, playing a guitar, two blonde women remembering storing from their youth, a dark curly one, kissing some placid guy, another blonde, dark eyes, getting out of the car, with her beau, hand in hand, the guardians sweeting in their uniforms, three dogs, and their masters, another couple kissing. The beauty of crickets, playing their songs, a drummer whispering words of love, a tired captain admiring the hips of his young future-wife, smiles, bright eyes, shortness of breath, young people, not-so-young people, dogs, laughing, happiness, joy. But she … she did not come. Another alley, then a new one, I repeat the round. The same faces, enjoying life, in the shadow of the night, wit