Toilets in St. Petersburg

As one may have noticed, I often take pictures of strange or funny toilets and post them on this blog.
This time I should tell you about the most spectacular bizarre toilets I have seen yet.

Hermitage is in the very center of St.Petersburg, a place that I learn about from my father stories, some 30 years ago. Being very young, the image of the place were the czar lived more than hundred years ago remained strong in my mind.

This summer I have seen the place myself, and I have discovered there a quite nice city, with several interesting buildings. Close to Hermitage were these unusual toilets...

... set up in former buses, connected through huge hoses to the sewage system, were people were queuing to pee, and where the pestilential smell was strong even at 30 meter distance.


Anonim a spus…
last winter (dec. 2012) they weren't
Bogdan Voicu a spus…
In other words, this is an improvement ;)
Anonim a spus…
could been as seasonal "devices" as in summer number of tourists is much higher :)
Bogdan Voicu a spus…
However, I would say that in the low winter temperatures it is easier to keep the smell under natural control...

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