Breaking Romanian!

Breaking Bad is a TV series, in which a chemist portrayed as a genius prepares meth (methamphetamine - a psychoactive drug), breaks all possible laws, and all main characters find at least a way not to obey the rule of law.

The logo of the TV Series looks like this:

Other distinctive images in the series show the Mendeleev's table and the name of the players announced as bellow:

In November, in the Moscow's Higher School of Economics I have noticed an announcement for a certain academic prize (as I have been told). It looks like this and proves the popularity of the show:

Visiting the site of a certain Romanian TV channel (Digi24), I found this amazing logo, done for a show that they will broadcast on the national day, call #Triumful unei Naţiuni# (Triumph of a Nation):

The question is, how Bad RomaNians are Breaking the laW according to DigiTV? Or has the TV channel any idea what its advertisement implies?


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