31 decembrie 2013

2013? Nothing special but ... Ukraine!!!?

Seen from the future, there is not much special to tell about this year.

However, things happend in 2013. Curiosity, a NASA rover wandering on Mars sent proof than milliones of years ago a warm pond existed there. Darwin, the great scientist hatred by the Church, believed once that life started in such rich waters. However, this was not the case on Mars,where it seemsthatevolutiowasneverlikeo Earth.

The US were important, as usual. Edward Snowden, a whistleblower, prove the word that Americans are anything but innocent partners.

Europe continued a sort of stagnation, Croatia joined EU, Merkel won the elections but struggled to set a coalition, Berlusconi was finally again not jailed, although he was finally convicted, the Chinesse rocket reached the moon as step towards world domination, Mandela died, several African countries announced to create a common currency, the Bitcoin value rocketed, Becali - the Romanian uneducated-extremely-wealthy-sheppard-and-football-club-owner - ended up in prison to leave British tabloids disappointed.

Minituarization continued, but telecom companies seemed not not be in a very comfortsble position. The founder of iRobot was awarded an inovation prize by The Economist, while Amazon and Deutsche Post tested drones for delivery. For some, this is a sign that the future might be already here.

Recession did not come to a clear end, the BRIT's growth cooled down, the Arab spring faced snowstorms, particularly in Egypt. People continued protesting against politicians, and in many countries the decline of traditional parties become part of the unavoidable future present. Uruguay legalised the production and tthe commercialisation ofcanabis.

Petrolul Ploiești, a Romanian football team, had a wonderful year, but this sems just a small step in a longer way to glory.

But everything in 2013 looks rather mundaine. Picking up a single event relevant or an eventual humankind encyclopedia entry is not an easy task.

At historical scale, it was just a normal year, which makes me program this post to appear when I will be in holidays.

However, there is an ongoing event, which may mark the difference between civilization and progress, on one hand, and stagnation, or maybe worse, even war, as some may say. This is Ukraine, facing the choice to exist, split, disappear. This EU's dilemma between promoting democracy or risking more recession due to increased gas price. This is is humankind fighting to deal with blackmail, avoiding a new intraeuropean conflict, and getting rid of the past in ordr to be able to look to the future. Depending on how this will end up, Ukraine might have been the single definitory event of the year.

If you were pacient enough to read up here, you definitively deserve A HAPPY 2014!

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