28 mai 2013


I have just received this message and  I'd hurried up to share it:

Hello world,

I, this is me, the new website of the Romanian Group for Studying www.romanianvalues.ro.
Social Values, so I say hello to everyone, and I invite you to check me at

We, this is the group behind the website, moved there since a few days ago, but until now there were several checks to be done. However, some mistakes may still exist, so please be kind and warn us if you notice any.

The Site!

Now, (more) seriously:

We have moved to a new site, and bought own domain, we have changed the look and made a sort of logo, but nothing else changed. The Romanian Group for Studying Social Values remains the same. Ah, yes, there is a new newsletter series, to be launched in a couple of hours. But the first issue is already on the website. It talks about social trust. So be the first to read it! (Oups, the Newsletter is in Romanian! But it has nice graphs, I have made them ;)

Do not hesitate to visit us!

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